Presented 12/04/1999

Linux Router Project (LRP) - An Introduction

The Linux Router Project (LRP) is: "A networking-centric micro-distribution of Linux."

Feature List:

Hardware Recommendations:

LRP Deep Dark Secrets

The Linux Router Project is an efficient, elegant tool for building routers, firewalls, and similar devices. However, some vital information regarding the LRP may not be readily apparent...

A Comparison of LRP 2.9.4 and Kilimanjaro


LRP 2.9.4


Description latest stable version of linux router project LRP 2.9.4, tweaked to use linux kernel version 2.2.x
Release Date May 29, 1999 Sep 1, 1999
Linux Kernel Version 2.0.36 2.2.11
Networking Configuration Tools & Commands ifconfig, route, ipfwadm, ipportfw, ... ip, ipchains, ipmasqadm, ...
Binary Diskette Images idiot-image_1440KB_2.9.4 1440-basic.floppy
Binary Kernel Modules Modmaker tool on web site
Packages Provided bind.lrp, boa.lrp, dhcp.lrp, dhttpd.lrp, gated.lrp, ppp.lrp, proftpd.lrp, pslave.lrp, snmp.lrp, sshd.lrp, thttpd.lrp, wanpipe.lrp, xserver.lrp bwidth22.lrp, ftpbkup.lrp, gated22.lrp, gated22o.lrp, gated22r.lrp, mgetty.lrp, minicom.lrp, netacct.lrp, pmap22.lrp, ppp22.lrp, snmp.lrp, wnpipe22.lrp
(in addition, most LRP 2.9.4 packages will also work with Kilimanjaro)
Source Code 2.9.4-sourcesnapshot.tar.gz (27 meg) linux-2.2-LRP_2.9.4.source.tar.gz (51 meg)
Documentation web site provides basic documentation, LRP-FAQ, LRP-Package-HOWTO, information about booting higher density formatted disks, and access to the LRP mailing list archives release announcement (buried in LRP mailing list archives), README files, individual documentation for some packages
Available From main LRP site & mirrors sites in New Zealand and USA

LRP Theory of Operation and Diskette Structure

LRP Packages & Addons

Booting Linux with higher density floppy disks

Adding Kernel Modules to an LRP Diskette

Procedure for Building an LRP Firewall

LRP Special Commands

One TCLUGer's Story (autobiography?)

A while ago, there was a TCLUGer who got a cheap PC. This prompted him to finally get DSL. He originally planned to create a firewall using a minimal RedHat setup, with a custom 2.2.13 kernel. Then, a friend mentioned LRP. He checked it out and was immediately hooked by the fact that LRP boots from a diskette and runs completely in RAM. Eventually he learned about Kilimanjaro and other dark secrets of the LRP. Then, he did a presentation for TCLUG.

A Working Example - Kilimanjaro and ADSL

Create the LRP Boot Disk

  1. Format 1743K diskette: superformat /dev/fd0 sect=21 cyl=83
  2. Copy image: dd if=1743-eth_PPP_QoS.floppy of=/dev/fd0 bs=1024
  3. Add the minicom.lrp package
  4. Add the lance.o kernel module

Configure the Cisco 675 ADSL Router

  1. Configure minicom: Serial device /dev/ttyS0, Bps/Par/Bits 38400 8N1, Hardware Flow Control = No, Init string = (blank), Reset string = (blank), Save setup as dfl
  2. Clear the router configuration
            log in
            Password: [hit enter]
            cbos#set nvram erase
  3. Set router configuration for ppp
            log in
            Password: [hit enter]
            cbos#set interface eth0 address
            cbos#set nat enabled
            cbos#set ppp wan0-0 ipcp
            cbos#set ppp wan0-0 login mylogin
            cbos#set ppp wan0-0 password mypassword
            cbos#set ppp restart enabled
            cbos#set password exec mypassword
            cbos#set rip disabled
            cbos#set web disabled
            cbos#set telnet disabled
  4. Use ping, show & traceroute to verify configuration

Configure /etc/network.conf

  1. Edit /etc/network.conf
  2. Use ping, traceroute, tcpdump, etc. to verify configuration
  3. Set default route for machines on internal network: route add default gw

Firewall 101

Packet filtering firewall provides protection against low level networking attacks but not against application level attacks (e.g. sendmail, quake, NFS!!!, ...)

Terminology to Know

packet filtering
IP masquerading
port forwarding


Linux Router Project

Current Information:
Cablemodem/DSL HOWTO:
BYTE Articles: PPP Dial on Demand, Adding DHCP, 100BaseT
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Diskette Tools

superformat (fdutils):

Linux Firewall & IP Masquerade

Firewall HOWTO:
-NEW- IP Masquerade HOWTO:
Linux IP Masquerade Resource:


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